Monday, February 22, 2010

How to get healthy hair again?

I used to have very healthy, shiny, easy to manage hair. But then I dyed my hair about 4 times in one month because the color kept coming out wrong. My hair is the exact same color, but completely fried. I take vitamins, use special shampoo, do oil hair treatments and get regular trims but my hair is still very brittle. What can I do?

Also, when is it safe to get my hair dyed again?How to get healthy hair again?
so try this...regular trims are a must, about every 7-9 weeks.(if your hair is really healthy then up the trims to about every 12 weeks, a trim is just a snip off the ends) if its been awhile since you have had a trim then inches may be called for to get to healthy hair. i use vitamin e on fresh washed hair.(its a vitamin that can be purchased where you buy vitamins, cut open capsule, squeeze into hand, rub hands together and apply to hair) dont message into scalp. if you get too much then just rewash it. hair will feel slightly sticky until dry then it will be nice and soft. it tames the frizzies, deep conditions and makes hair grow about three in a month. it takes about a month for the growth part of the e to kick in. the other benefits are instant. dont brush your hair but maybe once a week to message the scalp, i use a wide tooth comb at other times. brushing breaks off hair. i just started biotin vitamins going on four months ago this sat and notice and big growth spurt from that. biotin is cheap and also promotes hair regrowth and growth. i also have the biotin shampoo that i got from a vitamin store online.(puritans or five bucks for a big bottle and a big bottle of E is about 8 bucks. the biotin is about 3 bucks. i now take my fingers and message my scalp about five times a week, along with the brushing thats a good way to do it without damaging your hair. apply two or three capsules of e to dry hair and message into scalp and hair really well, put damp towel in microwave for 1 min to get hot, then quickly wrap head, a dry towel can be placed over that to help hold in the heat, leave on for 15 min, shampoo well, makes an excellent hot oil treatment. good luck, AND some people will argue about regular trims, your hair does grow from the roots, yes, but if your hair is not trimmed at the bottom, the it splits, get dry and brittle not to mention thin looking from no trims at all and frizzy. then your hair starts to break off at the bottom and giving you the appearance that it never grows. so to make hair grow as fast as possible and keep it healthy, then trims are an essential part of hair care. look on a ruler and check out less then half an inch and if your salon does not know what that is then take a ruler with you, i have. as of three weeks ago adding beta carotene vitamins to my regimen. i found out that along with the biotin it is very very good in promoting hair growth. they were five bucks for a bottle of 100. got them at walmart. the biotin and e can also be purchased at walmart, and adding all this up is pretty cheap to get great hair. i just wish the shampoo was available in the stores, but not yet.How to get healthy hair again?
You're on the right track with vitamins etc. You're just going to end up having to cut the damage off. In the meantime to make it easier to live with use a protein treatment followed a moisture treatment once a week. I also recommend Terax Lifedrops leave-in for damaged hair. You will need to use a leave-in of some sort. Also, try not to put any other products in your hair especially nothing with alcohol in it which will dry your hair out worse. Products with silicones (such as dimethicone) in them will make your hair look good in the moment so they're good for special occasions but in the long run they dry your hair out. So, avoid those too. Do not under any circumstances use a flat iron or curling iron or hot rollers. Try not to blow dry but if you have to use the ';cold'; setting. Oh, and quit dying your hair. If you must color use body art quality henna or indigo. See for more info.
Try not to use heat tools, like blow dryers or straighteners, that just makes it worse.

My hair used to be fried, and it's very fine so it felt thin.

it's a LOT healthier now, because I only blow dry it sometimes and don't use any other heat tools. I put Argon oil (beauty salons) in it, use a straightening creme so i don't have to use a flat iron, and use thermal protecting shampoo, conditioner, and spray. ONLY brush it when it's dry, or super soaking wet, other wise it'll stretch and break.
Ooooh I feel your pain. I use to have jet black hair, then I bleached it to blonde, platinum blonde, blue and every color in between. My hair use to be right past my boobs and it was damaged so bad the only way to fix it was to chop it off. And look at my avatar.... That was about a couple moths ago. My hair is barely touching my shoulder if I pull. Basically dont use any products or straighteners and blow dryers and that helps a lot!! And I usually just dye my hair about every 3 months when the color starts fading.
Use a leave in conditioner. Also before working out or doing some other activity that you might sweat, put regular conditioner in your hair then cover it with a shower cap. The heat from your body will activate the conditioner in a more powerful way. Do this in 30-45 min intervals.
try hair oil; it really works! put it on at nite before bed and wake up and shampoo it off. usually coconut hair oil works the best but try others to suit ur hair

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